Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stop Snitchin vs Start Snitchin

I was watching an episode of Law And Order SVU (a great show by the way) and the case was a string of rapes in murders of underage girls in a black community. And I noticed something in about the middle of the episode, a large group of brothers had gathered outside police station. Ice T and another detective come outside and the brothers start with the ol' "if they was white there would be police everywhere" routine, in which Ice said "we doing the best we can" that was quickly followed by the "if y'all know anything your help would be appreciated" and what happened? They all got that look, you know the look the "i don't know nothing" look.

It was at that point i got kinda salty because here we have a large group of people complaining about the lack of progress on the case....yet nobody wants to help. They kinda defeated the purpose right? Although its possible that nobody knew anything how likely is it that if they did they would step up and say something? I know its a show and all but these types of things happen. Lets apply this to everyday life.

Now would a guy who stood up in spoke out be a snitch? If he trying to protect his community, and make a better place for his family is that bad? "Snitching" is a misunderstood term I'll explain.

The term "snitch" is often misused and misunderstood in today's world. In some circles a "snitch" is ANYBODY who cooperates with the law for any reason. That's not true, a "snitch" is a criminal who cooperates with the law in exchange for something. My grandmother calls the cops on some strange looking people across the street, weird as that is, its not snitching. If you see a robbery and you help the cops identify the robbers you are NOT a snitch you are a WITNESS (a key difference). A snitch would be if one robber blamed it all on the other robber or if one of the robbers gives up another criminal in exchange for lesser time or a "walk"(no jail). So basically if you are NOT part of the criminal underworld you are NOT a snitch and helping catch criminals is a good thing. If you ARE a criminal and you help the law catch other criminals you ARE a snitch and that's a bad thing.

Drug kingpins like Rayful Edmond, Nicky Barnes, and Frank Lucas ARE snitches. They are criminals who helped lock up other criminals some they were even friends with.

The man who gets robbed and is telling the cops who his robbers were is NOT a snitch (he a VICTIM). A woman who sees a crime committed and reports it to the police is NOT a snitch (she is a WITNESS). However a dopeboy that was busted with weed and faces jail time but instead gives up his boss, IS a snitch. It is a very simple concept.

In closing thugs need to stop snitching on each other, be a man take your charge. Ordinary citizens shouldn't be afraid to protect your community, in fact they should be congratulated.

Of course silly hood rules like, "no snitching" or "stop snitching" are created to keep the general public ignorant and most time in fear. Snitching is a crime punishable by death in the street, so it works as deterrent for criminals to keep quiet. Sadly it deters the citizens from keeping their communities free of drugs and crime.

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