Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Strip Club and Strippers...The Humanitarian Angle

I just came from my first trip to a strip club. The idea of making money off the desires of men [half and some fully naked women, chicken wings, liquor/beer and football/boxing on ESPN] while intriguing and almost guaranteed to make you an assload of money has a side I never noticed until I went there personally.

First let me say I was never a supporter of strippers. I always thought of them of as the stereotypical scandalous, immoral hoes we see on television and movies. And while its easy to view them through that lens I really couldn't.

Before I was intoxicated I watched the girls but not just their bodies but I watched their faces [yeah I know what kinda loser is studying strippers while they're slapping and popping ass all over right?]. But in the middle of all that I just looked at their faces and I noticed a lot of them looked so unhappy and almost bored at what they did.
I noticed that they only seemed to "enjoy" it is when they made eye contact with you [which my homeboy told me is a trap to get money so even that's insincere]. When I got buzzing all of this became irrelevant I mean it becomes all about the ass and tits then.

As I began to sober up I once again noticed the degrading way this is to make money. You have guys literally throwing money at you [imagine being a cashier at Walmart or something and people just throwing money at you instead of putting it in your hand], stuffing money in your underwear for just a dollar or two [same scenario as before your a cashier at a store and someone stuffs one dollar bills in your pants]. I watched an extremely beautiful and incredibly sexy black women prowl around on a stage in a thong like a lion or a wolf and scoop up money guys threw at her.

I couldn't help but think of lions in a zoo after the zookeeper throws meat in the cage. To me it was the same. After awhile I started feeling uncomfortable, I felt like how can people do this every night? On either side of the issue: how can a man watch women degrade themselves in this way? How can a woman do this comfortably every night? Now I won't go into the women are queens who deserve our utmost respect spiel that usually goes here. Its common knowledge, but even if you don't consider every woman a queen, surely she's a human being. And as a human being she deserves better than crawling around on a stage for men who are being fueled by booze and chicken wings...right?

I suppose not everyone thinks like me and while I don't hate the clubs or even dislike them its a great release and a good experience but I suppose one would have to be drunk or he would have to suspend his thoughts for awhile to enjoy it fully. I recognize from the woman's side its just a job like working in a hopsital or a store. It just requires a different amount of nerve, a greater amount to walk around naked in front of thirsty, horny, drunk guys for change.

I suppose the whole ordeal made me pity strippers and made me think about what happened to make them have to do what they were doing. No doubt some of them enjoyed it, and probably could do other things if they wanted but its the ones that hate the job, in the same way you or I hates our jobs what keeps them going? I'm not one to stop a stripper to ask and all but I couldn't help but wonder and to feel a little bad for them.

Another thing is I always said to myself I could never date a stripper [of course sex with one being completely different] because of the nature of their job, I can't say that I have changed my mind but I would probably give it more thought now than I would've before. In closing a strip club to me is a zoo, you feel bad for the animals sometime they're not in their natural habitat, they're given scraps and put on a stage to perform in front of an audience. The difference being of course a stripper could quit, she can just refuse to do the job while a tiger can't just open the cage and go home or put in 2 weeks notice while looking for a new job. So I suppose I have to learn to suspend my thinking and just see it as women working it won't be easy but I'm sure I can.

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